Sunday reading

Nothing like a lazy afternoon watching spring training baseball and 'Baseball Tonight' ...

... while it snows outside my window.

Once again, the interesting reads that caught my eyes this past week:

... in baseball news ...
a Clemens' son: Dad's 'stuff is pretty nasty'
a Request to force Angels' name change rejected ... darn. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (and the marketing scheme behind it) is one of the most pathetic things in all of sports these days.
a Schilling: Move WBC To July ... I'm kinda thinking the same thing.
a St. Louis stadium work still frenzied with just over a month to go ... can't wait to see it.
a Fans - and Congress - outraged over Buck O'Neil's exclusion from Hall of Fame ... Count me among those.

... in music news ...
a Queen is Recharged and Ready to Rock You ... ah, Queen. Great music.

... in TV news ...
a Edgy dramas, inventive sitcoms and even inventors are sprouting up on the networks this spring ... I cannot WAIT to get a look at ABC's 'Sons & Daughters' ... Ok, the reviews for it haven't been that good, but it looks to be HA-larious at least for a couple episodes.
a 'West Wing' alums to return as show winds down ... I couldn't imagine the Bartlett administration winding down any other way. Can't wait!!

... in pop culture/political/comic news ...
a ‘Boondocks’ comic strip taking 6-month hiatus ... And let's hope it returns in six months. It's one of the edgiest and coolest -- not to mention funniest -- comic strips in American newspapers right now.

... and from somewhere out there ...
a So Speedy, So Exclusive, So Expensive, So Totaled

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