Seriously? What'd you expect?

Alright folks ... What's with all the complaining today about last night's Academy Awards (here and here)!?... I thought they were pretty entertaining, and I don't look forward to it and plan parties the way other people I know do ...

Seriously, was it really that big of an upset that 'Crash' beat out 'Brokeback Mountain?' Sure, 'Brokeback Mountain' had the buzz but everything I've read and heard the last couple weeks pointed to 'Crash' winning the Oscar for best picture. So, no surprises here. (For the record: I haven't seen either film. Heck I've hardly seen any of the films nominated last night. But the 'Crash' DVD is sitting next to our DVD player -- loaned to us with high regard prior to last night's Awards -- and ready to be viewed as soon as we can find a couple hours out of our busy lives ...)

And what's with all the pouting about Jon Stewart's performance. Sure, it was a little more respectful and reserved than his typical banter on 'The Daily Show.' But look at his audience last night. Hollywood. Primetime. ABC. Enough said. ... Stewart last night was funny enough, people.

Of the things being said today that I will agree with ... George Clooney's acceptance speech. Yes, classy -- and comical. ... Acceptance speech music. Yep. Threw me off too. And indeed unfair to the winners. ...

Favorite moment: Reese Witherspoon finally gets an Oscar or as Kim Morgan puts it "Reese grows up." ...She's come a long way from 'Pleasantville' and 'Election' baby!

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