All in a Day's Work

I couldn’t sleep.

I could not sleep. Kates was squirming like she was having a seizure and at one point said in her sleep, ‘Show me again.’ I was so bored and awake, I contemplated answering her in an attempt to start a sleep-minded conversation with her. But I didn’t. She told me later she might have been dreaming that she was talking to a student.

2:45 a.m.

I got up to get a drink …

I went to the bathroom …

I played a couple baseball games on my computer (I won both, my powerhouse Dodgers beating the tough Cardinals and then stomping all over the D-Backs) and came back to bed again at like 4:30 a.m.

When I finally drifted off to sleep again like a half hour later, I was having like this dream within a dream and imagining somebody coming into our house while we were sleeping …

6 a.m. The alarm goes off. Alright. I’m getting up …

I threw on my grubby clothes. The sun had barely risen when I was unlocking the garage door, pulling my yard tools from the wall and loading my wheel barrow, pushing it into the front yard. The sounds of Classic Rock pushing through my ears, the rest of the neighborhood lay still.

One by one, I cleared the stilted, uneven landscaping rocks that, in my opinion, have been the eyesore of our front yard for the last year. And one by one, I replaced them with plush, new, larger rocks, leveling every last one until they wrapped around our trees and landscape like a bow tie. Talk about beauty …

I had put in more than two hours of work before Kates appeared at the front door around 8:30, greeting me for the day and promising a good breakfast. How good? She went to the store just to buy eggs so she could make us French toast. That’s love.

Right on schedule, I planted a new tree in our backyard and transplanted another one. I filled up on gas, made a trip to Menards for more landscaping blocks and put the finishing touches on the landscaping, Pt. 1. Pt. 2 begins next week.

I vacuumed my car, took a shower and then took my car to the auto shower. Mobil.

Right on schedule, we were heading to Kati’s parents by 7 p.m.

I told Kates it just might have been the most productive day of my life. All in a day’s work.

* * *
This was on my buddy Tom's blog. And, boy, if this isn't a sign there's a heaven ...

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