Bring on the hurricanes

The worst hurricane ever.

Ah, Rita. … As if Katrina weren’t enough. The 10 ‘o clock news showed Rita heading straight for Houston, and probably sideswiping what’s left of New Orleans on the way.

Better fill up on gas first thing tomorrow …Heck, better fill up a couple gas cans too with the way things are going. Wire stories were reporting today that we haven’t even hit the peak of hurricane season yet -- that comes in October! And if that ain’t enough, another story reported we can expect these types of storms for the next 10 to 20 years.

All this of course inspired a fun discussion at work today about how they name hurricanes and my buddy, Brian, and I went to work on the Internet (it's a great thing isn't it?) digging up what we could. Here's the fruits of our labors at about.com and KOMO News in Seattle. Pretty interesting stuff.

Hey people living in the Gulf Coast: Pack up your stuff and never go back!

* * *

Let’s just hope we don’t have aliens infiltrating our world like they’re supposedly doing on ‘Invasion’ …Kates and I watched the premiere tonight, but I’m kind of lukewarm on it, at best.

The story seemed to move much slower than ‘Lost’ and it didn’t grip you the way ‘Lost’ has … But I'll keep watching.

Speaking of ‘Lost!’ Let me catch my breath …

How could you not grin and be excited for the new season when the premiere opened, yet again, with a close-up of someone’s eye opening. That, of course, evolved into scenes of some guy waking up, making a breakfast and showering -- and that mind-blowing music -- in what seemed like some 1970s-era apartment …

Then there’s the detonation of explosives to open the hatch. …Everything changes, the guy starts moving mirrors all over the place and we see Jack and Locke staring down the tunnel…


The rest of the episode was in some ways a waste as it provided minute clues of what was to come and filled in the gaps for details we already know, primarily Jack saving and meeting Sarah.

…Until Jack runs into the jogger at the stadium and lo and behold, it’s the same guy living inside some Matrix-like world beneath the hatch.

Talk about tune in next week. The opening line of next week’s previews was something like: “In just one week the fate of all the survivors will be revealed.”

…Sha-right. Their fates will be revealed FOR NOW. Until some other unexplainable creature, room or person appears in the woods that is the infamous island.

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