World Series Game 2: So happy

Well, I’m feeling a heckuva lot better today than I did yesterday. Because the Royals won last night and the World Series is now even 1-1.
Now the upstart, unbridled, uninhibited Royals are back in business. They've surged back into the nation's consciousness, evening the World Series at one game each as the stage moves to San Francisco.

The Kansas City club landed a sixth-inning haymaker on the Giants and surged to a 7-2 victory in Game 2 of the 110th Fall Classic on Wednesday night with a blue-hued crowd of 40,446 roaring at Kauffman Stadium.

Although – admittedly and somewhat memorably, I guess – many of last night’s highlights will go down as a bit of a blur as I rushed around, keeping up my parental duties while trying to keep at least one eye on the game.

Wednesday nights are church nights for the girls. I usually use the time to stay a bit later at my office and then pick up the girls while Kates stays at the church for her choir practice. Tonight, I did the pickup routine around 7 – as Game 2 was getting underway.

I brought the girls home. Managed to get them settled with some snacks while I caught the bottom of the first inning. Gave Faye a bath with the game going on my phone. Tried to watch the game while I rocked Faye to sleep.

With Faye seemingly asleep, I settled in on the living room couch for the rest of the game.
Kelvin Herrera relieved Yordano Ventura in the sixth inning.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Giants starting pitcher, Jake Peavy, was yanked. Jean Machi came on in relief. Billy Butler cranked his second RBI-single of the night.

Lorenzo Cain scored the go-ahead run. And my Twitter lit up.

By that time, though, Faye had woken up and was having one of her classic meltdowns, refusing to go back to sleep. Kates brought her down to the living room, and as we struggled to calm her Salvador Perez hit a two-run double. Then Omar Infante hit a two-run shot to give the Royals a huge 7-2 lead. Oh, and there was a little spat at home plate.

The bullpen came in to shut the door.

Great game.

Two other random thoughts …

First, I’m already tired of the Fox commentators for the World Series. Joe Buck (A St. Louis native … Just sayin’.) and his Fox buddies were on the NLCS broadcast with the Giants, and it shows through their San Francisco-skewed commentary. I want the TBS crew back.

Second, the Giants’ Michael Morse literally looks like a giant whenever he steps to the plate.

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