Is it Friday yet?

Two men on, two men out, playoff game tied in the sixth, All Star-caliber hitter at the plate. Crowd on its feet, ball in the air, the outfielders go back ... back ... and with a single stab of his glove, Kansas City rightfielder Norichika Aoki quiets everyone at Angel Stadium, sending the visitors to the dugout still tied at two. Aoki's circus catch of Howie Kendrick's long fly ball in Game 1 of the ALDS is another in a string of clip'n'save moments that help the underdog Royals sweep the Angels and duck and dodge their way to becoming the best story of the 2014 postseason. ~Joe Sheehan, Sports Illustrated, Oct. 13, 2014, edition

After all of the Royals excitement I barely had enough energy left to watch the remaining National League Division Series games ... Besides I'm so tired of watching the winning ways of those pesky Cardinals.

I'm now counting the hours until tomorrow night's Game 1 of the ALCS, and it can't get here fast enough for us Royals folks. Kates and I are negotiating a potential ticket purchase for Games 3 or 4 in Kansas City. At this point, the StubHub app on my phone is getting far more attention than any other.

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So here are some click'n'save media bits in the aftermath and lead up to tomorrow's big game ...  

According to a SportsNation poll 67 percent of the country is rooting for the Royals, with the majorities living in only Maryland and Virginia rooting for the Orioles.

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Kansas City got a shout out from President Obama last week ...

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Good reads I've collected surrounding the Royals' and Orioles' respective resurgences.

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Meanwhile, the rebuilding process in Chicago continues. I still have mixed feelings about the renovations coming to Wrigley Field, but it's good to know the Cubs are taking a serious look at preserving historic parts of the stadium.

Did you know the initial plans for Kauffman Stadium and the Truman Sports Complex -- in the early 1970s! -- called for a rolling retractable roof and an observation tower? I did. ... Check this out

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