Extra innings again? Why not.

Ok, now we’ve got to be dreaming, right!?

The Royals just won in extra innings. Again.

They have a two-games-to-none lead on the Anaheim Angels and they’re heading to Kansas City for Game 3 Sunday night.

Let's cut to the chase. Bottom of the eighth inning. Score tied at one. Angels have a runner on second base.

Chris Iannetta hits a line drive to center field. Jarrod Dyson catches it and launches a throw to Mike Moustakas who tags Collin Cowgill sliding into third. 

That play saved the game. ... and wow.

And once again things were getting interesting. ...The sarcasm was out in full force
 on Twitter.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Billy Butler got to first on a force play. Terrance Gore came in to pinch run, of course. And he stole second base, of course.

The suspense in these games is becoming excruciating. While Salvador Perez was batting with Gore and Alex Gordon on in the top of the ninth, I wished I could fast forward just a little bit to see what was coming.

But what fun would tonight have been if we didn’t go to extra innings for the third consecutive game?

12:06 a.m. Lorenzo Cain had just beaten an infield single by a hair, and Eric Hosmer comes to the plate. He launched a pitch to right field. My arms shot in the air and I let out a squelched YEAH! … Because, of course, everyone else in the house is asleep.

To quote Ernie Johnson on TBS, “Hosmer ambushed it.” There was no doubt about where it was going.

Alex Gordon got on in the inning, too. And then stole second base and headed to third when the throw skipped into the outfield. Gordon scored a couple pitches later on an infield base hit by Perez.

The Angels went down in the bottom of the 11th inning. Royals win. Good night, and see ya Sunday night in Kansas City.

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