24 hours to Game 1

I’ve been soaking up every word under every headline that catches my eye in reference to the Royals  and the World Series these last few days. It still doesn't seem real to write those words in the same sentence.

Tomorrow night can’t get here soon enough.

A lot of people have asked me the last few days if I’m trying to get tickets to a World Series game, and the answer is: Nope. I’m perfectly content with what I got to experience last Wednesday. I figure that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a dream come true for me. Plus, World Series tickets are going for record amounts

Good reads ...

An Open Letter To Kansas City … Freaking yes.

As focus faded and losses picked up in late July, Royals changed their game … I had a good feeling when I learned the Royals picked up Raul Ibanez midseason. Turns out they needed him more than I knew.

Blast from past: Dayton Moore … An excellent word-for-word read, as always, from longtime Kansas City columnist Joe Posnanski.

After all this time, the Royals display perfect timing … And another from Joe Posnanski.

Lorde's 'Royals' Banned in San Francisco Ahead of World Series … Of course it is. Meanwhile, Kansas City's KZPT has announced they'll be pumping "Royals" into the highest-possible rotation, playing the song every hour on the hour on Tuesday.

And it was inevitable that some Royals fan created a version of the song with lyrics about the 2014 Royals

Did the Mets' Negro League throwbacks predict the World Series matchup? … Oh, this is awesome.

Royals superfan SungWoo Lee will be back in Kansas City for Game 1 of the World Series … Considering the tear the Royals went on while he was in town in August, this is a good thing.

25 years ago, the World Series shook … Interesting that the World Series is back in San Francisco and this is a trendy story during this last week. Great read about that night and the days afterward from the perspective of Milwaukee Sentinel reporter Tom Haudricourt.

What do previous Royals-Giants matchups say about the World Series? … Ah, yes. The Bo Jackson home run. I remember it well.

The Weirdest World Series: The Giants and Royals meet in a Fall Classic no one could have predicted
Why Royals great Frank White no longer associates with the team whose stadium he built
Hopefully, time will give Frank White even more wisdom than he has already and fill him with forgiveness as well, because this fight has gone on long enough already. The saddest estrangement in baseball doesn't need to be that way. Not when both sides have so much more to gain than they've already lost.

Denkinger cool with reminders of mistaken call in '85 Series

Quick on feet and to speak, Dyson helping Royals zoom

Royals fan Eric Stonestreet secretly mocks Giants fan on plane to KC ... Only Eric Stonestreet.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/ent-columns-blogs/stargazing/article3195803.html#storylink=cpy

Royals and Giants Make It a Wild-Card World Series

Sluggerrr vs. Lou Seal: Who would win the Mascot World Series?

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