So I played my second softball game tonight.

It was our team’s fourth. I’ve missed the last two because of my Thursday evening graduate classes and Phoebe’s illness Tuesday night. … Apparently, we didn’t play well in either game and lost both by one run.

Tonight’s game didn’t start any better for us. We played terribly during the first half; we looked a lot like our opponent in Game 1.

During the first couple innings we were booting the ball all over the infield or just plain letting it bounce past us. We were down 15-0 after two innings, and we dodged the 15-run mercy rule that would have ended the game only after we managed a single run in the bottom of the third inning.

Then we came back.

By the sixth inning we closed the gap, down 19-17. I went 2-for-4 on the night, including a well-placed ground ball that traced the third base line and skipped beautifully between the bag and the third baseman to score an RBI and keep our fifth-inning rally going.

But it wasn’t enough. We lost the game and our record falls to 1-3.

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