Baby 2's room!

After months of thought and a little work, we have a completed Baby 2’s room.

It was a tough decision, but keeping our budget and future expenses in mind, we decided to stick with a lot of the décor and themes we used in Phoebe’s original room.

Although, there are also a few things that make Baby 2’s room unique in its own right.

Here’s a look at the transformation, starting on the left with the way the room looked when we moved in a year ago  …

I removed the wallpaper, pulled up the carpeting to uncover the hardwood flooring and painted the walls a Peppermint Vinca.

And here are the results ...

We moved the curtains from Phoebe's original room with us from K-Town because we liked them so much. ... And like the dresser we placed in Phoebe's room, this dresser has some special meaning behind it because it came from my grandmother. I painted it white to match the wall trim and the crib. ...

Once again, we've included a shelf with some of the beloved stuffed animals from Kates' and my childhood years. And a shelf with starter books. ... The Peek A Boo block on the book shelf was a good find by Kates, and she gussied up what had been a plain white lamp shade with a pair of wavy green stripes.

The crib is brand new, from Target, and we couldn't resist resurrecting the colorful globes above the crib, although we positioned them differently this time and doubled the number of them.

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