One year later

As much as I admire Brian Williams and NBC News, we've only tuned into Rock Center once or twice since it began airing last fall. But I had no intention of missing tonight's program.

A year ago, we sat here stunned at the news that special forces had killed Osama bin Laden.

Tonight we watched Rock Center's "Inside the Situation Room," an unbelievably fascinating breakdown of the events and decisions inside the White House leading up to and during that night.

The piece is filled with so many mind-boggling decisions and strategies, with the ways members of the administration went about their planned activities that weekend without giving up a hint of what they'd been planning. President Obama, of course, attended the now infamous correspondents' dinner. And perhaps my favorite part, Hillary Clinton attended the wedding of one of her daughter's friends.

During an interview in the anniversary piece, Hillary says ...

“It was so ironic. All these smart young people who work in all kinds of enterprises, one of them came up and said, ‘Do you think we’ll ever get bin Laden?’  I said, ‘I don’t know. I have no way of knowing, but I can tell you this, we’ll keep trying.’”
Here's a good read from Rolling Stone: #RIP: The New Media of Celebrity Deaths

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