Mother's Day

HAP-py Mother’s Day!

We started the day by going to church. With trying to get ready for Baby 2 and our Financial Peace course on Sunday afternoons, it was the first time in several weeks that we’d been to a worship service. … And boy did Kates turn some heads when we walked into the sanctuary and people saw how pregnant she is. Needless to say the questions -- “How are you feeling?” to Kates, or “How is she feeling?” to me -- are getting old.

Back at home, we presented Kates with our gifts. I gave her a card with an elegant-looking cover and the words: “Motherhood, a summary.” Then, just when you think you’re going to open it to find a heartfelt poem, the inside reads ...
“Holy crap! It’s hard. The End  
(Happy Mother’s Day to someone who makes it look easy.)”

Usually I’m all for the sensitive, sentimental cards. But this year, I thought that one was appropriate and couldn’t pass it up.

As for Phoebe. Well, she presented Kates with a terrifically adorable painting featuring her handprints and some words of love that could have only come from Phoebe’s mouth. One of her preschool teachers told us Phoebe’s painting was one of her favorites in the class, and Kates can hardly wait to put it in a frame and hang it on a wall.

We spent the afternoon relaxing. And tonight, we cooked burgers on the grill and shared a supper on our deck. For dessert, Kates made a dirt pie with strawberries sprinkled on top.

As we sat outside and enjoyed the gorgeous evening, I couldn’t help but sit back, smile and say aloud, “Life is good.”

* * *

What makes this day even better is that we’re finally ready. Ready for Baby 2 to arrive any day she wants.

Although Kates is seriously determined to finish her school year -- which ends Thursday. Her feet and ankles are so swollen that every school day she gets through is a miracle, and she's got the entire school abuzz.

When I took a day off from work Wednesday with the intention of catching up on some projects at home and dressed in an old T-shirt, shorts and ball cap, I bet Kates that morning that Phoebe's preschool teachers were going to think we'd been to the hospital because of the way I was dressed. ... Sure enough, when I walked into Phoebe's classroom to drop her off, one of her teachers raised her eyebrows and said, "You're dressed pretty casually, today!" and inferred that I might have been coming from the hospital. I called it.

I'm digressing.

The hospital bags are packed. The car seats are installed. The room is ready. All of the baby clothes are laundered and put away. We have childcare standing by for Phoebe. I spent part of this afternoon tying up the loose ends and clearing off the rest of our Baby To-Do List. The baby bouncer is reassembled and stationed in the baby's room, and the swing -- which Phoebe has temporarily claimed for her stuffed animals and a blanket -- also is reassembled and ready to go in a corner of our living room.

Ok, so we’re still coming to terms on a name for this baby, but I’m optimistic we’ll get there.

Going through this process again these last few weeks has brought back so many memories from our first go of it. Assembling and setting up all of the equipment for the first time. Buying and receiving the baby clothes ...

And then, to recount a conversation I had with a colleague a couple weeks ago, to think about all of the changes, and growth, and ups and downs, and people who have come in and out of our lives during the last four years since Phoebe was born. Back then, we were of the mindset that we’d be happy to spend the rest of our lives in K-Town and raise our family there. …

To look back on all that’s transpired since then ...


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