That's a winner

It was a strange calm that fell across Busch Stadium late Friday night, in the waning moments of one of the greatest World Series in recent memory, a sense of peace and prosperity that felt somehow out of place. After weeks of digging out of massive holes and clinging to life in the face of overwhelming odds, the St. Louis Cardinals were leading the Texas Rangers in the ninth inning of Game 7 ... ~ The Washington Post
So the Cardinals won the World Series last night.

I sat in disbelief as I watched the celebration. How the Cardinals were declared dead in August, came back from 10 1/2 games down, won the wild card spot on the last day of the season, and needed every postseason game possible -- five with the Phillies, seven with the Brewers and seven with the Rangers -- to win the title ... baffled me.

But, in the end, they succeeded. They were the best team when they needed to be. So I suppose they deserve the praise.

But if Albert Pujols signs a free agent contract for more than $300 million after this, I think I will be sick. (psst ... I think he's a great player. But I also think he's declining and therefore undeserving of that kind of money.)

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