Song spotting

So my song of the week -- the last two weeks, actually -- is Owl City's "Deer in the Headlights."

Truth be told, I was disappointed the first time I heard the song last spring. It was Owl City's newest single since the smash "Fireflies" two years ago. I wanted "Deer in the Headlights" to be the same kind of Owl City dreamy escape song that "Fireflies" was.

But in recent weeks, it's grown on me in a super way. With its powerful, pumping, head-banging synth hooks. Turns out it evokes some escapism after all.

I'm so into it that it's got me thinking of other songs with similar synth-heavy, thumping beats. It's inspired me to create a new iPod playlist; the working title is "Passion." Thinking off the top of my head, this playlist also should include Passion Pit's "Little Secrets" and MGMT's "Time to Pretend."

Although, I don't think the "Deer" video elicits the same emotions, much less matches the vibe of the song, the way the "Fireflies" video did so successfully ... Then again, as I watch both videos now, neither of them really make any sense.

"Fireflies," you may remember got a lot of play time in our house during the fall of 2009 and the subsequent winter. So much that while I was away that winter and Phoebe heard it on the radio, she began calling it "Daddy's song." ... So this newest obsession has rekindled a lot of those memories and emotions, and put me on an Owl City kick ...

Tonight, I stumbled on this charmer -- a live performance of "Fireflies" from last June -- that made me smile. And it totally had me wishing I could have caught them when they passed through Summerfest just days later.

(UPDATE: 11:34 a.m., 10.15.2011)

My Owl City kick provoked one of our epic dance  parties this morning ...

And Phoebe surprised me by singing along  to the chorus of "Deer in the Headlights." When I pulled out the video camera, however, she began concentrating more on her dance moves than the singing ...

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