Storm damage

We had a good storm come through The ‘Ville this afternoon. The kind of good storm that produces some gentle thunder, a steady rain and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Phoebe didn’t see it the same way.

The girl used to be totally unfazed by storms. She’d sleep right through the worst of them.

But ever since the mini-hurricane that hit us in August, not so much.

The town is still recovering from it. Emergency assistance trailers sprouted up in the parking lots the next day and still remain, along with billboards advertising hail damage repair. Conversations about dealings with insurance adjusters and contractors are an every day occurrence. And you can’t take a walk through the neighborhoods without hearing the pounding of workers repairing damaged roofs and siding.

As for Phoebe, at bedtime, every night since that storm, she asks Kates or I, “Can you check the weather?” “Is it going to storm tonight?”

As the clouds came in this morning and especially when the storm rolled in this afternoon, my thoughts were on Phoebe and how she was dealing with the weather.

Under normal circumstances, Phoebe wants nothing than to be free to play. But this afternoon, Kates picked up Phoebe from school and found her sitting on the security of her teacher’s lap.

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