Whatever happened to 9 to 5?

I couldn't help but nod -- and laugh -- while reading this one today from the Chicago Tribune: Whatever happened to 9 to 5?

To whatever degree a 9-to-5 shift ever existed, it's clearly an inaccurate way to describe the workers of today. Many are in the office by 8 a.m. and stay until 6 p.m. or later, not to mention time spent sending late-night emails from home or typing away on laptops on the train to work.
... To take care of this problem, I suggest we petition Ms. Parton to record an updated version of her Grammy-winning song, one that takes into account the desire of today's workers to keep their jobs in a tight economy. Might I suggest:

"Workin' eight to eight

Eatin' lunch while I am typin'

Let me demonstrate

That you'll never hear me gripin'

Might take my iPad

Along with me in the shower

I'll skip my son's birthday

Working extra hours."

Or something along those lines. Call me, Dolly.

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