The day the ground shook

So there was an earthquake in Virginia today. Yeah. That was crazy. ... When the news hit about 1 this afternoon, my TweetDeck nearly caught fire because the tweets and updates were coming in so rapidly.

And yet, that's not the news that rocked my world today. Not even close.

A picture perfect shot of Ryan Braun, Nyjer Morgan and Prince Fielder. It's beautiful. I'm so framing it once my baseball museum is up and running again. 

Talk all you want about curses. But after a late night dinner with some old newspaper friends, I came home and did what I've done every night since I broke down for an MLB TV subscription. I tuned into the Brewers game online and watched them put the finishing touches on an 11-4 win over the Pirates.

Heck, I've even got Phoebe watching with me now on some nights. Her favorite player is Prince Fielder ... whom I call, simply, Prince. "No, not Prince," she says. "It's Prince FIEDER!" She doesn't pronounce the L.

I told Kates last night that if anybody acquires tickets to a certain baseball series that shall not yet be named but is played each year in October -- except for 1994 when owners and players got a little greedy -- I will take a vacation day, or two, and drive through the night to attend the game.

The beat goes on.

Update 08.24.2011: Here's a good read about the SI cover jinx.

* * *

Meanwhile, as the Cardinals continue to fall apart in St. Louis -- the Brewers are now 10 games ahead by the way -- the kind of headline that you don't see every day appeared.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain. One of the aforementioned newspaper friends I had dinner with tonight is a staffer with the Post-Dispatch who gave us the low-down when we met for discussion with journalism students this morning.

My favorite part: Holliday kept the moth, which was still alive when the trainer retrieved it from his ear. It later died.

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