Heating up

Ooh this is getting good ...

The Brewers are surging. They've won 11 of 12 going into a three-game series against the Cardinals tomorrow night.

Seeing the Brewers-Cardinals scores come in last week, in the Brewers' favor, was pure joy. And the highlights from Wednesday's game topped them all. I shrugged off the pitch that went up-and-in to Albert Pujols. Then it came as no surprise to see the Cardinals plunk Ryan Braun. Ok, that's baseball. ... But I gasped as I watched Yadier Molina light into an umpire.

The Brewers appear the better team in NL Central, for now. (What happened to the Pirates!?). And the prospects are good for the rest of the way. ... But they have to prove they can win consistently and beat the really good teams, like Phillies and, eventually, the Yankees, Red Sox or Rangers.

But seriously, ESPN. I enjoy the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry as much as any true baseball fan. And, yes,
last night's game was another extra-inning thriller. But c'mon, can't you go one Sunday or Monday night without showing a matchup that doesn't involve the Red Sox or Yankees?

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