For the love of the game

So I recently discovered the wonders of MLB.tv on the Internet.

Let me explain. A few weeks ago I logged on to mlb.com to check some scores and updates when I noticed in the sidebar that the website was offering a free game of the day. I clicked on it -- I believe it was an Arizona Diamondbacks game but don’t remember the opponent -- and, voilĂ , I was watching the game. It was so great!

So then I began checking the site almost daily, eagerly looking to see what teams were playing in that day’s featured game. Meanwhile, the Brewers were getting hot -- very hot. And I started getting a little bummed I couldn’t watch their games for any greater lengths than the Sportscenter highlights.

Now, I’ve always fanaticized about getting MLB TV -- along with the flat-screen TV we're still hunting for to replace the TV that blew up last fall. But I’ve never been able to back up the need for it. And we’ve invested our money, and time, in other things.

Until last week. When I logged onto mlb.com. Wasn’t interested in the free game of the day. And got desperate to catch the must-watch Brewers-Cardinals series. I plunked down my $25 for a month’s subscription to MLB.tv.

VoilĂ , I was watching the game. And I haven’t looked back, having watched every Brewers game since.

Two-of-three against the Cardinals. A sweep of the Pirates over the weekend that ended yesterday in the 10th inning with Nyjer Morgan's sacrifice fly heard round the world.

And now tonight’s 3-0 gem against the Dodgers. ‎Home runs by Ryan Braun, Jonathan Lucroy and Corey Hart. Four terrificly-turned double plays. … And a knock-your-socks-off 4-6-3-2 triple play. According to one tweet, SABR said it was the first 4-6-3-2 trifecta since the Montreal Expos turned one in 1972. Bam! The Brewers have won 17 of 19 and are looking really good standing six games ahead of the Cardinals.

Frankly, as I've watched these games during this run of baseball love, I haven’t been able to concentrate on much else. In fact, since that epic Red Sox-Rays game a few weeks ago I’ve probably watched more baseball than I have in a couple years. And I’m talking about really watching baseball -- no multi-tasking. Just putting other things off, escaping and enjoying the game. Which is both a good and bad thing for my work habits, depending on the perspective.

And, yes, some will call me out for leaving my also-beloved Cubs in the dust. For them, I refer to this 2007 post, and remind you the Cubs, although they have put together a nice run lately, haven’t been worth watching since May. And Carlos Zambrano, c’mon dude. For cripes sake, what were you thinking? The punishment was fair, it’s been a great run, but I hope the Cubs get rid of you once and for all.

* * *
This from the Twitter-verse tonight:
After the #Brewers triple play I thought there's the #1 play on @espn_bbtn & @sportscenter, then Thome hit HR #600 #trumpsall #MLB #Twins
Ah, yes. Good ol’ Jim Thome. One of my favorite players of his era.

I seem to remember my good friend Matt and I having a debate at a Cubs game a few years ago about future hall of famers. When Jim Thome came up in the conversation, I said, hands-down, yes. Matt laughed at me.

Tonight, I’d say Mr. Thome sealed the deal.

Tweeted Joe Posnanski: You betcha.

A couple other favorite tweets …

@SeanyGanc: @SportsCenter is Jim thome a hall of famer? Is ed too tall jones too tall? One answer to both questions... YES! #whatkindaquestionisthat

@Kevin_Goldstein: Jim Thome was drafted in the 13th round of the 1989 draft, when the tough signs were Ben McDonald, Charles Johnson and Roger Salkeld.
And this, I think, is just sad. Man, I loved the ‘97 Indians.

@SI_JonHeyman: interesting thome will be in hall (& maybe vizquel). but arguably bigger indians stars belle, lofton and manny probably wont

* * *
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