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So Alexis got the boot from “American Idol” last night


I was sure she was an easy top four, maybe even a top three.

But America kept Michael Sarver.

Seriously, America!? The guy is the most boring, unappealing contestant on stage this year. And you’d rather see him on the summer tour than Alexis Grace!? Seriously, America!?

It was too bad that even Alexis’ “save me” performance couldn’t get her through. There was no doubt the judges were thinking of using their one save on her, but her final performance was too forced and growly to give her any shot.


But somebody had to go. And after Tuesday night’s performances I was prepared for it to be anyone in the gang … Not one of the performances blew me away. Granted, they were singing the songs of Grand Ole Opry singers, but I really did think almost all of the performances were -- as Simon would say -- forgettable.

Especially Sarver’s. Seriously, America.

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