Oh, you Jayhawks are going to give me a heart attack yet.

About an hour ago, I was as happy as a parrot in the congo ... Kansas was playing well and appeared to have Michigan State under control. I also was gasping at the idea of Phoebe's bracket on the verge of a perfect 8-for-8 in the Elite Eight ...

Then the nightmare that us Jayhawk fans are so used to began. I got that sickening feeling in my stomach ... and watched the game slip away until finally, despair.


The good news -- if there's such a thing in this case --is I named Michigan State the national champion in my bracket ...

But keeping Michigan State was hardly a concern for me as that game got underway tonight ... I had Syracuse as Michigan State's opponent in the championship game, and that possibility was blown away tonight by Oklahoma. Plus, I'd already lost Wake Forest and Duke in my Elite Eight, giving me a 5-for-8 in this round.

When it comes down to it, though, you just want to see your daughter do well ... and dang, Pheebs was doing well. As I said, a Kansas win would have given her bracket a perfect Elite Eight, not to mention a near perfect Midwest region. The only game she's missed there was the Purdue win over Washington. ... What can I say, she's a smart 11-month-old.

Hopefully, when I break the news to her in the morning she'll be OK with just 7-for-8 in her bracket.

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