Break away

I have a day off today.

And it feels oh so good.

No fires or police cars to chase. No court records to run down. No doctor appointments. No things to pick up. No one to take care of but me.

A true day off. And I can do the things around the house I want to do.

So I'm listening to some music (Playing in my iTunes library this second: Bryan Adams) ...

And catching up on some reading. I just finished reading this story about an alleged 1969 Led Zeppelin concert in a Washington, D.C., area youth center. Fascinating story about the myth of the concert and a time when ...

"... music as the 1960s burned out. The modern rock concert industry had yet to be born, there was no Ticketmaster or Live Nation, and a ticket to a Zeppelin show at Merriweather Post Pavilion (where the band definitely did play in May 1969) cost $5.75 -- while a ticket for a show at Wheaton cost a dollar or two."

P.S. ... I saw my life flash before my eyes this morning as I was driving home from taking Phoebe to the daycare: I was heading east and coming up on a red stoplight at an intersection. I had come to a complete stop in the left lane when I hear a car whizzing by me on the right. The car gets halfway through the intersection, completely ignoring the red light, when it slams on its brakes and skids, just missing a car that was turning in front of him and a second car that was traveling north across the intersection, on a green light. The two cars passed in front of the red-light-runner and he proceeded through the rest of the intersection, lucky to be still driving. Sheesh.

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