Going places

Kates and I are settling in tonight after spending part of the weekend at her ’rents house … That’s right I used ’rents ... The basketball games are finished for another night, and I’ve got some records spinning on the turntable. Bliss.

We ate really well. And watched a lot of basketball … And slept through quite a lot of the basketball. Last night, I was zonked out in the rocking chair by halftime of the Wisconsin-Florida State game -- the game I think everybody thought Florida State was going to win. Then we woke up this morning to the headlines in the newspaper that said Wisconsin upset Florida State in an overtime thriller. And Cleveland State stunned Wake Forest, whom I had penned in my Elite Eight. Doh!

Today, we supported Kates’ father at one of his visions workshops (fascinating stuff …). Had a good time reconnecting with Kerri and introducing her to Phoebe ... We returned to Kates’ parents’ place. Watched some more basketball. Did some more sleeping …

And best of all, on the way home we indulged in our first Mocha Moo-Lattes of the season. Mmm mmm good.

Back at home, Kates got Phoebe ready for bed; I put away our travel gear and other belongings …

At about 7:30 tonight, I’m in our bedroom putting clothes away when I hear this squeak, squeak, squeak. …

Phoebe is still awake, I thought. Then I heard it again. Squeak, squeak squeak.

Phoebe’s not only still awake. I'll bet she’s standing and bouncing in her crib!

I bolted to her room, and sure enough, she’d pulled herself to her feet and was bouncing on the mattress while she held onto the rails. All smiles.

Knowing she was hardly ready for sleeping, I whisked her out of her crib and into the kitchen to share the development with her mother … Who wasn’t amused.

For the next hour we proceeded to watch her crawl and bounce her way throughout our kitchen and living room. Babbling endlessly, of course … She was spinning in circles from a sitting position on the kitchen floor, and beating her hands against the refrigerator door. Then, she was pushing the buttons on the DVD player. Then, she was pulling herself up on her saucer and beating her musical band of animals. Then, she was rolling all over the floor with her musical octopus. Finally, around 8:30, she let out a long yawn and Kates scooped her up to take her to bed, for good.

At one point during all of this, I just smiled and shook my head at Phoebe. I see so much of me in her, I love it and hate it at the same time. “

Pheebs, you won’t go to sleep, you’re always full of energy and you’re always moving, just like your daddy
,” I told her.

And always happy like her daddy,” Kates added.

Yeah. Most of the time.”

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