Sunday reading

... I visited a local ski mountain for a story this afternoon. I sooo want to go skiing now ...

Tonight, I arrived home in time to catch a bit of the American Music Awards -- that Beyonce can dance! -- before I got sucked into the "JFK: Breaking the News" documentary on PBS. Even though I saw it last year, once I started watching tonight I absolutely could not pull myself away ...

Oh, and this just in, I think Oklahoma scored a few more touchdowns on Texas Tech ... Holy cow, that was a thrashing last night ...

Here's some of the reads that caught my attention during the last week ...

Sports ...
a Favre won't talk about next year
a Tie Games? Who Knew? Not All of the Redskins ... I find this hard to believe. How can these guys even be playing professional football?!
a It's hard to believe - but Sox always did
a Ryan Dempster admits Cubs were not prepared for playoffs ... Interesting. Lou Piniella disagrees.
a Free Agent Market Is Well Stocked

Entertainment ...
a Totally Over: Last Squeals for ‘TRL’

Politics ...
a Intense security a force Loop reckons with
a Lincoln and the myth of 'Team of Rivals' ... I'm still reading 'Team of Rivals.'
a Time for Him to Go
a Obamas enjoy fine food, wine, but hold the beets
a Game on: Pros and big-league politics
a Madam Secretary?
a Two for the Price of Two
a Let Detroit Go Bankrupt ... Good arguments here. I've sort of been thinking the same thing.
a When the President-Elect Talks, The BCS Should Listen ... Thanks, Wilbon. I couldn't have said it better. ... And by the way, that '60 Minutes' interview last weekend was fascinating to watch.

Life & other stuff ...
a Detective handcuffed to Oswald can't escape photo
a Cellphones in Yellowstone?
a The Moon View

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