Two weeks, baby!

We’ve survived two weeks of parenthood now.

And we still like her. We’re gonna keep her.

Knowing some of the obstacles we faced along the way, and the complications during Kates’s labor, we are reminded over and over again how lucky and blessed we are to have a healthy baby girl. And we can only hope and pray these good things continue …

Each day, brings a new wonder. A new face. A new sense of curiosity in her wide eyes. Another nuance of Phoebe.

She gets the hiccups a lot. Which is pretty common for babies -- or so we’ve heard and read … But the funny part about it is that they can be the most-painful sounding hiccups you’ve ever heard -- and they don’t phase her. She just keeps staring -- hiccup! -- intently -- hiccup! -- at whatever has got her -- hiccup! -- interest at that -- hiccup! -- moment …

Sometimes she folds her hands while she’s sleeping. Like she’s praying.

She doesn’t suck her thumb. Instead, she sucks the back of her hand.

And when she stretches, she throws her arms up and beyond her head so fast and mightily she could knock over a lamp. She doesn't care who or what is in her way.

She stares. And she pouts. Already, she’s a little drama queen.

She’s a squirmer too. Now we know what she was doing all those nights when I had my hand on Kates’s belly, and it felt like a laundry machine tumbling inside her …Now, there’s nothing inside Kates. Suddenly, it’s really weird to hug her, or feel her belly with nothing moving. I almost forgot what that felt like.

And oh, the nicknames, we’ve dropped on her … The most common, and the one that appears the most likely to stick, is Pheebs … But we’ve also dropped the P.J. a few times. Sweet P. Phoebe Jo. Peanut. I’ve called her Phebalicious …

And we’ve been calling her Floopy quite a bit -- because of her cuddly and floppy tendencies. And we’ve dropped the Phoebo. Avid fans of “Friends” should get the origination of those last two nicknames.

In the last two weeks, we’ve mused a couple times that it seems as though nothing’s changed in our lives -- and we’re thinking maybe that’s a good thing. Like we must’ve been good and ready for this …

And we’re loving every minute.

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