Holy Mother

... Another great episode of 'Mother' last night ...

Though not quite as good as its predecessor, it was sort of a sequel to the classic Robin Sparkles episode ...

And oh yeah, Robin and Barney are hooking up. Believe it.

(And yes, folks, that really was Tiffany.)

Doubt I will be watching this one as much as the first video -- it's pretty cheey -- but here you go ... "Sandcastles in the Sand"

For good measure, here's the first (and way cooler) single, "Let's Go To the Mall."

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Matt and Lynne said...

They evicted the wrong person. I can't believe Syesha was even in the bottom two. It makes me wonder what's wrong there.
Jason and Brooke are not as talented as the other four. A better singer left tonight. Oh well.