Sunday reading

Admit it. You missed my post of junk I enjoyed reading last week. So here's an expanded edition of the stuff I enjoyed reading this past week and the stuff I enjoyed reading the week before that ...

a Martina McBride calls the shots on new album
a Corinne Bailey Rae, ever contradictory
a King of Pop's Lots: Auction Planned of Jackson Family Memorabilia
a With a new band sporting an R.E.M. pedigree, the melodic British rocker adds a bit of light to his quirky panoramas
a Music in its place on 'American Idol'
a Remark renews old hip-hop debate

TV and entertainment
a Sprawl in The Family: In Walkers' Tribulations, Viewers Find a Family To Which They Relate
a Beaten to the Punch Line: The Odds Against Female Stand-Up Comedians Are No Laughing Matter
a Sanjaya: The Axis of 'Idol'
a 'Hoax' Film revives notoriety for author Irving
a The state of prime-time comedy may seem like a joke, but the punch line is that viewers are flocking to reruns and original cable sitcoms
a Networks go on the cheap
a 'King of Queens' flew high, but it still remained under the radar
a 'Idol' angels secret weapon behind show

a Colangelo, Cuban could take Cubbies to promised land
a Cubs look to Piniella for title dreams
a MLB celebrates 60th anniversary of Robinson's debut
a JACKIE ROBINSON: 60 years later

Other stuff
a MySpace competition? The world is big enough
a Scout Soars Far Beyond Eagle
a Should parents worry amid Webkinz craze?
a Information Age Makes Hoaxes Easier But Speeds Their Demise
a Beth Horning: It's apparent who helps with the homework
a Photographer altered pictures, Ohio newspaper says

... and finally, for some good Sunday laughs ...

Christ Getting In Shape For Second Coming

The Onion

Christ Getting In Shape For Second Coming

HEAVEN—Since His birthday last Dec. 25, the Lamb of God has committed Himself to a demanding regimen of exercise and prophecy-fulfillment in preparation for the Second Coming.

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