Idol chatter

… So the Idols sang the classics with help from Tony Bennett last night.


It’s not even worth analyzing their performances. The division is clear …

Lakisha, Melinda and Blake are tops, along with Gina, who gave arguably the best performance of the night (It also helped that she sang “Smile” … one of my favorite classics …)

I could take or leave Chris Richardson … I agree with the judges -- last night’s performance was his best of the season …

And if the voters are smart, we should be saying good-bye to Phil, Sanjaya, Haley and Jordin one by one.

And just when you think the mystery of Sanjaya can’t get any crazier -- NBC News featured him tonight

I did one of those things where I rolled my eyes, and then I couldn’t stop watching.

Get him off. Get him off now.

Meanwhile ... Are ‘American Idol’ singers too similar?

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