You can't always get what you want

So we got new soda machines in our office today ...

After lunch, in need of some pick-me-up and a good Mountain Dew, I sauntered to the break room and surveyed the new choices.

Hmm. We now have bottles of Diet Coke and Aquafina for $1. But everything else is still 50-cent cans. Oh, and yep, they still have Mountain Dew. Great!

So I insert my $1 bill and punch the Mountain Dew button. Out comes my 50 cents in change. And I reach for ...

... a bottle of Diet Coke!? Are you serious!?

... I took it out to the newsroom and drew a good laugh from my podmates. And then an offer to buy it from me. ... Sold!

... And back I went to the break room for another try.

... OK. I'm not going to hit the Mountain Dew button again. Maybe I can get a Pepsi.

... So I insert my two quarters and out comes ...

... a bottle of Aquafina!?! Come on!?!?!

... I returned to the newsroom, this time drawing a bigger laugh ... and proceeded to drink my water.

* * *

From SI's morning call ...

Children are crying all across New England today. The Red Sox lost their sixth straight game last night, an excruciating 4-3 defeat to the Angels in the first game of a nine-game road trip. The result comes on the heels of a five-game sweep by the Yankees, who lost 6-5 in Seattle when Adrian Beltre hit a walk-off home run leading off the bottom of the ninth. While Boston fans are crying-the Red Sox' losing streak is their longest since a nine-game drought from Aug. 25-Sept. 4, 2001-the Angels are on a roll. L.A. cut Oakland's AL West lead to four games and improved to a season-best eight games over .500. The only hope for the Red Sox, who are a miserable 6-15 this month, looks to be the wild card. They remained four games behind the White Sox and 31/2 games behind Minnesota. Last night's loss hurt one Red Sox fan more than most. Yesterday was Carl Yastrzemski's 67th birthday.

... And not only is Red Sox Nation suffering. The Cubs lost tonight. The Tigers lost tonight. ... At least the Brewers won.

It figures the Tigers lost. After all SI put them on the cover this week. ... If the Tigers don't at least make the World Series, I'm blaming it all on Sports Illustrated.

... Grrrrrrrr ...

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