Rare Eastland disaster photos discovered in Tribune basement

The Eastland disaster is a well-known part of Chicago history. So I was as interested as any American history buff to read today that a treasure-trove of never-before-published photos from the disaster were discovered in the Chicago Tribune archives.
Many of these photographs have never before been published. They add fresh, striking perspectives to that fateful day as the 100th anniversary of the Eastland disaster approaches. They also provide a unique glimpse into the world of newspaper photography at a time when images of breaking news or action were rare. In 1915, and for nearly 20 years afterward, daily newspapers mostly relied on text, sketches or posed photographs because cameras and the process of taking, producing and printing photographs was limited, time-consuming and costly.
What a find.

Check out the links, including this wonderful short doc about the disaster and the Tribune's find.

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