We got some rain, and some more rain last night.

It started shortly after we got the girls to bed ... and it. just. kept coming. 

The thunder was some of the loudest I've heard in my life. It sounded as if the lightning was striking the trees in our back yard. Turns out, according to local Facebook posts, the lightning was hitting the water tower on the hill down the road ... So we were close.

The power got knocked out while Kates and I were still up and watching TV around 1 a.m.

All the booms and bangs, of course, resulted in Faye waking up, screaming, multiple times. After calming her back to sleep -- multiple times -- Kates just brought her to bed with us after the power went out. Even then, we pretty much just laid in bed, unable to fall to sleep with the noise of the pounding rain and thunder. ... Phoebe, as always, slept through the entire storm without a peep.

Once again, there's a lot of people clearing water from their basements today, and I thank God we don't have that problem.

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