An Apology to Bill Cosby's Victims

I came across this apology to Bill Cosby's victims on the Huffington Post tonight.

Well said ...
I have to humbly confess that I did not want to believe any of it. After all, this was Bill Cosby, of "I Spy," "The Electric Company" and "Uptown Saturday Night." "The Cosby Show" left an indelible mark on American television, and it is hard to believe that the person who portrayed the head of such a beautifully educated family such as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable was involved in such crimes. He was America's dad. The unsealing of the deposition broke my heart. After all, this is a man who, as a philanthropist, gave away tens of millions of dollars in scholarships to those who may not have had a chance to go to college. This is a man who showed the world that there is a black upper middle class, and who shone the light on black professionals so much so that he created a spin-off show, "A Different World," in which he showed life at a historically black college or university. This is why I have struggled with these accusations. I thought of every excuse not to believe it. For goodness sake, one of the women who came forward is one year younger than myself. However, with the mounting evidence, it can no longer be dismissed.

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