Shake It Off

Ferguson is still under protest. The Royals are still winning. And Taylor Swift is still cool – in my eyes at least.

In case you're living under a rock -- and if you are, you definitely wouldn't be reading this -- Taylor Swift unveiled her latest single yesterday. And, whaddaya know, it was trending today.

For the record, I watched it as I was getting ready to leave my office last night, and I love it.

* * *

The protests happening in Ferguson have me shaking my head. No one is blameless for what is happening there. But even then, the news media is fanning the flames of the situation as much as anyone.

Last night, I got caught watching the “breaking news” coverage – even though there was no breaking news to report when the news channel cut into the Late Show with David Letterman. An anchor on the station actually exclaimed, “Oh boy, here we go!” when law enforcement officers began firing teargasas if it was the start of a Fourth of July fireworks display.

Now people who have no affiliation with Ferguson and possess a limited knowledge of the facts are joining in, and the protesters seem to be taking on a personality of little more than attention seekers.

Talk about police tactics all you want. I get that. But, based on my experiences, I also believe cases like the one involving Michael Brown almost always can be traced back to people who made poor choices and failed to abide by the law in the first place.

In the meantime, innocent people who live in Ferguson and have no association with the case are being portrayed in a harsh light. We know how they feel in The ‘Ville. I’m proud of our state, and it saddens me to see another one of our cities portrayed in the national media this way.

That’s all I have to say about that.

* * *

I had tuned into CBS to watch the Late Show, fully anticipating a tribute to Robin Williams because Letterman was in reruns when Williams passed last week.

As I wrote the other night, a Robin Williams appearance on Letterman was always special. Letterman begins talking about that feeling in the video below at the 6-minute mark.

Well, said Dave. There will never be another one like Robin Williams.

* * *

The Royals are hot. They’ve won eight straight series. They are the highest they’ve been above .500 since 1994 – I was there – and the Tigers continue to crumble. This is really fun.

Last night, via Royals beat writer Andy McCullough …
As he wrote in his game recap ...
The sequence confirmed the blessed fortune shining on the Royals, even as the events hinted at the organization’s darkest fear. In the seventh inning of a 6-4 victory over Minnesota on Monday, Salvador Perez stood inside the dugout with his shirt untucked and his right knee sore. It was his turn to bat. He would not. Instead Erik Kratz, a 34-year-old backup acquired last month, headed to the plate.

Yep. Good thing the Royals picked up Erik Kratz. And Josh Willingham, too.

How can you not root for the Royals right now?
If they're able to finish the deal, it will be impossible to measure the emotion, not just in the executive offices, not just in the clubhouse, but also in the community. Remember what it was like in Pittsburgh last fall when that ballpark was full and fans were rocking the place to its bones? That's what it'll be like in Kansas City, too. …

The Royals have been through so much these last 29 years, endured so much hope and so much disappointment. Maybe, just maybe, that'll make the endgame that much sweeter. Maybe this time it'll work out in a way that makes all that patience seem worthwhile.

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