Another night with Nickel Creek

Still basking in the memory of my night with Nickel Creek last week, I took advantage of the bonus tonight.

I've just finished watching the boys and girl perform nearly the same set -- between-song banter, story-telling and all -- again, thanks to the wonders of the internet. Austin City Limits offered a live stream tonight of its recording session with Nickel Creek for an upcoming television episode. ... It was my turn to put Faye to sleep tonight, and you better believe I got a headstart, knowing the live stream began at 8 p.m. I refused to be late to the show.

The show, of course, was fantastic -- even if they had to use half of their encore to perform re-dos of "Where Is Love" and "Don't Know What's Going on" because they weren't satisfied with they how they performed the songs earlier in the set. ... Didn't matter one bit to me. I enjoyed all two hours of it. Again.

My night was made. ... And, for the record, the click wheel on my iPod hasn't moved away from Nickel Creek since last Tuesday. I think it will remain there for at least a couple more days.

If only the Royals had beaten the Yankees tonight. Pheebs and I watched the first couple innings before our bedtime routine got underway. A check of my AtBat app when the game was in the eighth inning informed me it wasn't good, and now the Royals have lost two straight for the first time in a month. ... Here's hoping we're not heading for a repeat of that All-Star break swoon.

Here's a couple good Royals reads ...

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