Star Wars Cantina Band auditions

Oooh, the Star Wars excitement is brewing.

A lot was made last week when a photo was posted of the new cast -- the actors better known as Luke, Leia and Han included -- gathered for a reading. ... I had to pause and push my mouth closed when I saw it, too.


(UPDATE 05.07.2014: Here's a good read about how close Harrison Ford was to not returning to Star Wars.)

But this. This below. Well, I stumbled across it last night. And it. is. awe.some. ... Ben Folds will get my musical juices pumping no matter what he's doing. Then you add in Daughtry, Liz Phair, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks and others, dressed in Star Wars garb -- Lisa Loeb as a hologram and armed with a blaster! -- and I'm entertained.

Bonus: 'Star Wars' Behind-the-Scenes Instagrams Reveal Chewbacca's Origin

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