Let the games begin

So I played my first softball game of the summer tonight.

We won 19-11, finally beating our nemesis who we've battled for the regular season titles and knocked us out of the playoffs the last two seasons. With the win the team is now 1-1 on the season. ... I missed the first game last Tuesday, which we lost, and our Thursday game was rained out.

That's the good news.

The bad news is I could not have played worse, in my opinion.

I walked in my first at-bat. Then fouled out. Flied out. Grounded out. And flied out again.

In the field I was stationed at second base tonight, and booted the first ball hit to me in the second inning. Luckily the guys picked me up with a double play to get us out of the inning with no harm done, and I played decent defense the rest of the night.

Kates brought the girls to the game tonight. The girls had a ball jumping around and playing in the dirt with the other kids, while Kates talked to the other moms.

The downside of all of us going to the game, though, was that we sacrificed our opportunity to catch the opening showing of the annual summer movie series on the university campus. Which -- I called it before it was announced -- was "Frozen," the sing-a-long version.

Man, I would have loved the experience of watching that movie in the performing arts center and hearing all the kids singing those songs at the top of their lungs. 

Even in the summer, "Frozen" still rules.

Check this video I stumbled on the other day: If "Frozen" were a horror movie ...

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