Happy Memorial Day

Just put the girls to bed, and I'm beat. Shouldn't it be the other way around after a long weekend? ... The girls have a way of wearing us out quickly.

We slept in until 9 this morning. Which is unheard of in The Era of Children. In fact, I don't know that it's ever happened. ... It wasn't all roses, though. Faye woke up around 12:30 a.m., just as Kates and I were wrapping up a catch-up marathon of Mad Men. And she wouldn't go back to sleep, which meant she ended up in bed with Kates and I for the night.

We played for the rest of the morning.

For lunch, we treated the girls to Subway. ... We stayed to eat at the restaurant, which is kind of interesting considering Kates and I watched Mad Men's "The Strategy" last night, which had Don and Peggy building an advertising campaign for Burger Chef around the idea of the restaurant table being a centering place for families. Good stuff.

After lunch, we headed to the park to play and let the kids run off some energy. ... Have I mentioned that Phoebe is a whiz on monkey bars? She is.

Back at home, we played some more. Kates read a book. I tried to catch up on some news reading and emails. Here's two items that especially piqued my interest ...

First, a new documentary about Elliot Smith -- one of my favorite singer-songwriters to work in my lifetime . Oh, I want to see this ...

Second, another installment of "Kids react ..." this time to an old computer. Funny.

After a while, Phoebe decided she was bored out of her mind -- having watched most of "Toy Story 2" and no interest in any of her gazillion toys -- and wore Kates down to painting her nails. ... During that process, Faye woke up from her nap and pretty soon all of us were in the back yard blowing bubbles.


Clean up the kitchen and toys.



And now I'm watching tonight's Royals game. Alone. In peace.

... I wrote it too soon. Faye isn't going to sleep after all.

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