This day in sports

So Phoebe and I were sitting at the kitchen table this afternoon. I was browsing the web, and she was playing games on Kates' computer when I saw a tweet from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting Zack Greinke and Ron Roenicke were ejected in the first inning of this afternoon's Brewers game. ...

This conversation took place as a result. ...
Me: Wow!

Phoebe: What, Dad?

Me: The Brewers pitcher and manager were ejected in the first inning of their game today.

Phoebe: Why? Did they fall down or something? (Barely looking up from her game)

Me: No. I guess they were fighting with the umpire.

Phoebe: Why?

Me: I don’t know. I’m about to find out. (As I’m clicking on a link to the story.)

Phoebe: Do you want to turn it on and watch the show?

Me: No. I don’t think it’s on our TV right now.

Phoebe: Oh. Well, you want to turn on the show and watch it later?

Me: Yeah, I’ll probably watch the highlights later.

In other sports news, it makes me sick that Ray Allen is leaving the Celtics to join the Miami Heat. Ugh.

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