Mad dreams

So I was having some crazy dreams last night.

And I think I’m suffering from “Mad Men” withdrawal.

Since we finished Season 5 the other night, the series kept crossing my mind throughout the weekend.

I don’t remember much about the dreams I had last night. I just know they weren’t happy dreams. I remember standing around a table in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I think Joan, Don and Peggy were there. And we were fighting about something.

The next thing I remember – and I’m not sure if it was connected to the “Mad Men” dream or if it was connected to another unrelated dream – is me sitting up in bed like a gunshot. I shouted a quick, loud “Hey!” My arms and hands took some kind of ninja pose.

Just as Kates was walking back into our bedroom from feeding Faye.

I startled her so badly I nearly gave her a heart attack. To her, I was reacting as though I thought she was an intruder, but I’m clueless about what caused me to sit up and react the way I did. Kates put her hand to her chest and said, calmly, “It’s just me. There’s no one else.”

I don’t remember lying back down. I don’t remember Kates crawling back into bed.

I have no idea what happened.

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