Birthday Mad Libs

So it's Kates' birthday week.

We celebrated yesterday by taking in the lunch buffet at our favorite local pizza joint and then with an ice cream cake last night. We'll be hitting the town Saturday evening for some sweet music, too.

One of the other highlights: A Mad Libs birthday card Kates received from Chloe.

When completed, Kates' Mad Libs story went like this ...
Dearest Faye,

Happy birthday to the most silly chair in the whole wide cow! I hope your cheerios come true on this cloudy day. May your year be filled with joy and shoes. I hope you know how proud I am of what a cute carpet you have become. I can hardly believe you're turning 4 years old! My, how the babies have flown. I hope you spend your special day doing something that will make you feel dreamy. With any luck, you'll get that newfangled husband you've been saving for! Happy birthday, my darling park!

Hugs and dogs.

Your friend, Phoebe

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