Speaking of Phoebe

Continuing my posts in honor of Phoebe's birthday ...

Some of the best things about Phoebe these days are the things that come out of her mouth.

Simply, she's a chatterbox. She come up with the most creative and imaginative stories, out of the blue. Often, her stories carry multiple themes and she's spills them in one breath. And they make no sense. Seriously, they're hilarious.

Perhaps the highlight of my weekdays are the period of time I spend getting Phoebe ready in the morning and driving her to preschool. Between her fascination with the sky and the things she observes as we drive, that's when she produces some of the real gems.

Here are some of greatest bits we've collected during the last few months. ...

That's crazy! (This is her catchphrase. She picked it up from me)

Me: Phoebe, can I have a hug?
Phoebe: No, I can't.

(Phoebe, while looking into an opening for a buckle in her booster chair) There's something in there, so it goes in there.

(Phoebe speaking to me, all in one breath) Mommy went poop on the potty! She did a big one, so she gets a sticker. You don't get a sticker.

(After a bath) My hair's wet so we can all touch it.

Phoebe: Daddy, I pooped on my shirt a little bit.
Me: You did!?
Phoebe: Yeah, I did.
Kates: No, you didn't.
Phoebe: Daddy, I peed on my shirt a little bit.
Kates: No, you were helping Shelby clean and you got a little wet.
Phoebe: Daddy, I got wet on my shirt a little bit.

Phoebe: Daddy, the sky has snow on it!
Me: No, Phoebe, that's fog.
Phoebe: Fog?
Me: Yep.
Phoebe: Oh, well we need to wipe it off so the sky is blue again!
Me: (laughing) Oh, Phoebe, well you get to work on that, ok?
Phoebe: Ok.

Phoebe: You wanna play a game wit me Dad?
Me: Sure.
Phoebe: Ok, Come on! (as she takes my hand and pulls me to the couch with no regard for what I'm doing)

Mommy, turn the light on. I can't see my eyes!

Me: Phoebe, c'mon it's time to eat.
Phoebe: (all in one breath) Not yet. I'n still coworing (that was coloring). I'n not wanna talk wight now.

Phoebe: I wanna go to Wal-mart.
Me: Ok, what can we get?
Phoebe: Um, cucumber? Apples? Corn? Might have canned corn? I wan some!

(All in one breath) It’s snowing! We gotta put our coat ons! We gotta put our hood ups!

(Referring to an afternoon of playing in the leaves with Kates) I played in it and it was big and it swallowed me up.

(All in one breath) You have your over dere so you eat yours. I’m workin’ on something.

Get out Daddy, so I can cwean da kitchin!

Phoebe: We can walk outside and I can poop outside.
Kates: No, Phoebe just doggies do that.

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