Championship madness

Somehow, some way, after all of the upsets and chaos, and with my bracket shot, I was excited to watch the NCAA championship game last night. Something I don't think I could honestly say the last couple years.

But those Butler Bulldogs have some charm. After coming oh so close last year, and their remarkable run through the tournament this year, I really thought we'd be calling them national champions this morning.

That, and I was rooting for my doppelganger, Brad Stevens.

Seriously. Since Butler grabbed the national spotlight last year, I've had friends from miles around mention the resemblance. Take some of the comments, I drew on Facebook last night ...

My status: Rooting for Butler and my doppelganger Brad Stevens.

We were JUST saying that you look just like him!!! AMAZING! Go Butler!

I totally said that to someone the other day! He is!

Just asked my wife when you left NW to coach for Butler!!
Too bad the game was awful.

That the score was a measley 53-41 is evidence of how ugly the game was. Butler shot 18.8 percent and had more fouls than baskets. Yikes.

At least CBS brought back Luther Vandross's "One Shining Moment."

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