Playing hard

We've been blasting Adele's new album throughout the house today. The weather has been gorgeous this weekend. And we've got most of the windows open ... With the way our house is situated and the way the breeze is flowing through it, it almost feels like we're in an open-air structure. Like our kitchen is outdoors. Bliss.

Friday, our friend Gina took Phoebe for the night with some friends -- they went to Pizza Hut and saw “Hop -- while Kates and I hit the shopping circuit. Kates took me to Chili’s for dinner (Gina instructed her to take me out for a nice dinner because I’ve been working so feverishly the last few weeks; Kates paid, too, even though the funding really comes from both of our pockets.) … We went from Target to Wal-mart in search of birthday gifts for Phoebe -- with stops at Borders and Home Depot in between. At Borders we helped them clean off their shelves, literally. With the store going out of business we loaded up on CDs and books as much as 70 percent off. At Home Depot we picked up some things for the house, including new toilet seats. Woo hoo!

* * *

Saturday I spent most of the day working in the yard. I felt like I cleaned five years worth of leaves and twigs from the flower beds. … Saturday night we went to the spring football game and took Phoebe to the park. 

There she is falling face first down one of the slides. … Afterward she paused. Said “Whoah. And got up to run to the slide again. Typical Phoebe.

It's a little blurry ...

* * *

Sunday, we played hooky for church and stayed home to get some more housework done. We finished off Phoebe’s room. And my friend Darren came over to help me build some storage shelves in our garage. Huge.  ... Now we have extra storage space, and I could actually clear a path to our water heater, which badly needs to be replaced.

Slowly, we’re getting to where we want to be.

When I wasn't looking tonight, Phoebe zonked out in chair as she was watching TV. We played hard this weekend.

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