SNL returns

Oh boy, were we looking forward  to the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" last night. Amy Poehler hosting, Katy Perry performing -- throw in Sesamegate -- how could we not tune in!? (In case you missed it, check out Amy Poehler's hidden camera fun over the summer on Ellen.)

The opening monologue was stacked with talent and loaded with good bits ...

I loved -- loved -- that Poehler teamed up once more with Maya Rudolph for an episode of "Bronx Beat," one of my favorite running skits in recent years. And any viewer paying close attention to their Twitter feeds this week had to figure the minds of SNL were going to come up with a gag that spoofed Perry's "Sesame Street" performance. Perry visiting "Bronx Beat" in the Elmo shirt was genius ...

Weekend Update is never bad when Poehler is around, either. And an appearance by the actual David Patterson was pretty swell as well, although I would have been disappointed if Fred Armisen and Patterson hadn't popped up in front of the camera lens as Poehler was signing off -- which they did.

The show's biggest downfall, I thought, were Perry's musical performances. The background dancers were terribly distracting. Perry appeared uncomfortable and seemed off her game.

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