Goodbye 'My Boys'

I spotted the fateful news on my TweetDeck yesterday afternoon: TBS cancels "My Boys."

I can't say I'm surprised.

Kates and I watched faithfully from the first episode. ... We never loved it the way we've loved "Lost," or "Grey's Anatomy" in its heyday. But we remained charmed by the chummy, laid-back clan of young adults. Not to mention the show's Chicago homebase. And its baseball metaphors.

When the latest season started mid-summer, Jim Gaffigan was gone, and watching the show quickly dropped off our priority list. We lost interest, and the last two or three episodes are sitting somewhere among a stack of VHS tapes in our living room. "Mad Men," which held the same timeslot as "My Boys," did get priority.

We miss our DVR.

EW has a good tribute to "My Boys" today.

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