The last five years

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of our move from K-Town to The ‘Ville.

The closing on our house is scheduled. The packing has moved into full gear. Tomorrow night I’ll be flying to K-Town once more to reunite with Kates and Phoebe for good. And Sunday morning we'll be shipping out … I'll save those stories for another post.

This weekend will be filled with lots of reminiscing, meeting up with old friends and saying good-bye to the life we’ve known for the last six years …

Five of which have filled the pages of this blog.

So to kick off our weekend of reminiscing and celebration, I’ve searched the bowels of this blog for some of the most memorable highlights and lowlights of our life on the corner of 79th and 18th ...

Reading so many of these posts again now, the memories come rushing back. Not only do I remember vividly the events that inspired theses posts, but the scenery and emotions that enveloped me as I authored them, too ... Enjoy.

... Sept. 22, 2005: The night I nearly burned down the house.

... Jan. 7, 2006: The burglary.

... Jan. 16, 2006: The Chinese joint down the street. ... I think Kates and I single-handedly kept it in business over the years -- and this post was written early in our run.

... Dec. 1, 2006: The 17-incher.

... Jan. 24, 2007: My constant complaining about winter.

... March 26, 2007: The night we thought we needed a new vacuum.

... Feb. 6, 2008: The 22-incher.

... April 7, 2008: The night of Mario's Miracle.

... July 8, 2008: The night a car chase went by our house.

... Dec. 29, 2008: Getting sick for Phoebe's first Christmas.

... Jan. 8, 2009: The day our furnace broke. ... With this, the burglary, the tornado and all the snow -- January never was a good month for us.

... April 13, 2009: Phoebe’s first birthday

... Dec. 29, 2009: The living room concert.

... Feb 23, 2010: Packing up. ... The video of Phoebe ranks as one of my all-time favorites ... “Mommy do it!

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