Happy Father's Day

... A little while ago -- having reached a stopping point in my painting and cleaning -- I decided to dial up Kates and Phoebe on Skype  to check in and see how their day was going ...

Kates answered and Phoebe, as usual, came running to the computer. Phoebe knows the routine, and Kates lifted Phoebe on to her lap so she could see me.

Then, with a huge smile on her face, Phoebe shouted out, "Happy Father's Day!"

Then, while Kates and I are tearing up, she pulls herself from Kates' lap and announces, "I go get my present!" ... Phoebe's little head bounced out of my picture, and she returned with a flower pot she made at her daycare for Mother's Day. She proudly held it up and said it was her Father's Day present.

It was such a moment, I can't describe it ... Best Father's Day present. Ever.

Three more days.

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