Grammy night!

... So I wasn't sure last night that I would write, as has become my tradition, a minute-by-minute blog post of the Grammys (See: 2009, 2008, 2007). But when the show got underway, I couldn't help myself ...

I've waited until tonight to post so I could throw in some related links -- like these interesting inside looks from the Associated Press and from The New York Times ...Enjoy.

I still can’t stand Lady Gaga … Then again, the dancing during her “Poker Face” performance wasn’t half bad, and the vocals were pretty decent too. Maybe I’ve heard Gaga so much and become so tired of the ogling over her that I’m numb to her.

Her piano duet with Elton John, however, and that mash-up of “Your Song” was pretty sweet.

I’m liking Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue … “Ran into the Jonas Brothers. Or maybe it was just one of them three times.” … The bit with his daughter isn’t working though.

Song of the Year. I’m rooting for “Single Ladies” … I’m so sick of Kings of Leon … Nice. It’s “Single Ladies.” Taylor Swift FINALLY got beat on something.

Love, love, loving! the performance of “21 Guns” with Green Day and the “American Idiot” cast. I much prefer this version over the Green Day album version. Where I can download it!?

I’ve got a major crush on Kristen Bell

Best Country Album … Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” is the only one I’ve heard, let alone heard of … Not surprisingly, Taylor just won … I do give her major props for writing her own songs.

Beyonce. Troops marching in behind her and she’s looking like she wants to tear someone apart … She’s singing “If I Were a Boy.” Not liking it at all. Come to think of it, I didn’t like the song when it was on the radio, either.

Is she really covering Alanis Morissette!? … Just did an Internet search for it. Looks like Beyonce’s done it live before. Still, that just doesn’t seem right. Like Madonna trying to cover “American Pie.”

I think I’ve got a little crush on Pink, too. … Don’t know what she’s singing, but I’m really liking it. She has one of the greatest pop voices of our time … Whoah, she just stripped down in the middle of the arena … And now she’s twirling and doing a Cirque du Soleil thing. Very, very cool! … She’s dripping with water. Where’s that water coming from!? It’s like a fountain … Visually, a dazzling, stirring performance! Wow, so cool! … The crowd is applauding and looking about as breathless as I am.

Best New Artist. I’m totally rooting for the Ting Tings! Or I’ll take Keri Hilson … Ugggggg. It’s Zack Brown Band!? Who the heck are they!?!

Commercial break. It’s kind of nice to be watching the Grammys live for once and not on delay with the DVR … Just checked Twitter. Apparently Pink performed “Glitter in the Air.”

Target commercial with the Black Eyed Peas. So cool.

Oh boy. It’s Miley time … The rings on her fingers are almost as big as her hands. … Bring on the Black Eyed Peas!! They’re dressed like something out of a futuristic version of the “Wizard of Oz,” starring Will.I.Am as the Tin Man. What up!? … Yeah. Not liking the song. … All right, now we’re rocking. “I gotta feelin… !” … The backing band is dragging. … Not the best performance I’ve seen of “I Gotta Feeling,” but the song still rocks.

Jonas Brothers presenting. Overrated. Glad to see Nick going out on his own … Lady Antebellum is my new favorite country band. So glad to see them doing well, and banging my head for not willing myself to see them at Summerfest a couple years ago when I had the chance. I’m loving “Need You Now,” on the radio and this performance tonight.

Add Kaley Cuoco to my celebrity crush list … Best Comedy Album. Not sure I care.

So glad to see Shiny Toy Guns performing on the Lincoln commercial … Still wanting to see them live, too.

Norah Jones and Ringo Starr. What a pairing. Norah Jones = yep. Crushing. … Record of the Year. Rooting for Black Eyed Peas. Definitely not Kings of Leon or Lady Gaga … Ugggggg. It’s Kings of Leon. Pleeeeeease.

Opera. I’m turning out … Jamie Foxx? Now, I’m really tuning out.

All I know is somebody’s wailing on a guitar. I just looked up and it was Slash. I’m so not paying attention to this. Back to Twitter.

Best Rock Album. Rooting for Dave Matthews Band … Annnnnnnd it’s Green Day. Ok, fine. … I hadn’t heard about that Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood live album. I’ve got to check that out!

So this is the Zack Brown Band? I’m feeling like I should be paying attention … But I’m tuning out again.

We’re halfway through. So far I give the show a C- … Performance of the night easily goes to Pink.

Bring on Taylor Swift. Ryan Seacrest's introduction of her made her sound like some kind of legend. C’mon Ryan, Taylor’s accomplished a lot already, but let’s not throw her in the Hall of Fame just yet… Ok, I admire Taylor for who she is and what she represents. But I seriously can’t stand watching/listening to her live. Never have. …

(... I'm going to interupt my play-by-play here to refer to a commentary from the Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot this morning that was spot-on! ... Yes, I do remember her duet with Miley Cyrus at last year's Grammys, which helped form my first impressions of Miley and Taylor, and it was awful! ... And yes, Neko Case's "Middle Cyclone" deserves a place among the pop albums of the year. It's been at or near the top of my playlist for weeks ...)

Glad to see Stevie Nicks on stage with her, but Taylor’s definitely not adding anything to “Rhiannon” either. … Ok, this musical arrangement of “You Belong To Me” is pretty cool. Where’s the rest of Fleetwood Mac when you need them!? … I give that “You Belong To Me” diddy the second best performance of the night, a distant second behind Pink.

This Michael Jackson tribute better be good. … I’m really wishing I had a pair of 3D glasses. Unfortunately the nearest Target is 45 minutes away. … Really, really liking it so far. Celine Dion and Usher are great. Just wish it wasn’t hurting my eyes. Maybe I should have driven those 45 minutes … Getting chills. Jennifer Hudson. Celine Dion. Smokey Robinson. Usher. Carrie Underwood. Singing MJ‘s “Earth Song.” THAT is one heck of a grouping.

Applause, applause. Don’t tell me this is it (Ha. Now on DVD and Blu-ray!) … Hey, it’s Prince and Paris. … Um, Ok. Commercial, go. I'm dissappointed there wasn't more to that tribute. I would have prefered a medley of MJ songs featuring several different artists.

Leaving Las Vegas” is playing. That must mean Sheryl Crow is coming on. Yep, there she is … I think she’s introducing Dave Matthews Band? Nope. Bon Jovi. … Seriously. I appreciate the effort, but they’re reaching Rolling Stones status = aged and no longer relevant. I’m also not digging the country vibe.

I didn’t vote for the third Bon Jovi song, but I was really hoping it would be “Living on a Prayer.” Now THIS is Bon Jovi.

Best Rap Collaboration. Totally rooting for “Knock You Down.” … It‘s “Run This Town.” Blech. I have about as much patience for Rhianna as I do for Lady Gaga.

Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige on “Bride Over Troubled Water.” Very cool.

Starting to get bored. Let’s wrap this thing up with a bang, folks.

President of the academy. Blah, blah, blah.

Adam Sandler. Nice Usher quip about the jacket and the guy in jail. … He’s introducing Dave Matthews Band. Aw yeah. … So great to hear the band sounding like their old selves again. R.I.P. LeRoi. … Wow, check out that backing choir! Sorry Taylor, your performance is now a distant third! DMB, your performance is now a close second in the rankings, behind Pink. I was totally bouncing around my living room. That rocked!

Best Female Pop Vocal. Tough choices … Hmm. Beyonce’s “Halo” wouldn’t have been my first choice.

LL Cool J is introducing another lifetime achievement winner. Losing interest. Tuning out …

Time for the tribute montage for those who have died in the last year … So many greats gone this past year. … Les Paul, legend.

Hellooooooooooo Lady Gaga has the Statue of Liberty (or something like it) sitting on her head. The woman gets weirder and weirder every time a camera sets its sight on her.

Loving the Les Paul tribute. Rock on, Waukesha, Wisconsin! … Seriously, this is so cool! I’m thinking it gets a tie for second-best performance of the night with Dave Matthews Band.

Quentin Tarantino. A hip hop performance. Tuning out again …

The hip hop performance is still going. Gah! Turn it off! All the muting to cover the bad language and that stupid siren they’re playing are driving me crazy.

Album of the Year. Bring it on. … I’m rooting for Black Eyed Peas or Dave Matthews Band. It better not be Lady Gaga … The Grammy goes to Taylor Swift. Wow. As if that girl’s year couldn’t get any better. I really admire her for staying true to herself. Good for her.

This just in from one of my Twitter feeds …
The Kanye watch is on ... Album of the Year is ... Taylor Swift! A Beyonce upset? Nice.

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