Once again, I started my morning with “Fireflies.” Started my car and the song was playing on the radio.

For weeks now, any day I’ve heard that song, it knocks out all the anxiety of this uprooting / confusing / new adventure -- if even for just a few minutes. Better yet, there have been a few days recently that have started with me hearing the song on my drive to work -- and again during my drive home. I won’t deny the song is overplayed …

But I was mesmerized the minute I first heard the song, seeing the video on VHI. Laughing and dancing (and jumping, really) around our house with Phoebe as we listened to it. And now, months later, I still can’t get enough of that song.

I’ve since added Owl City’s “Maybe I’m Dreaming” and “Of June” albums to my collection, and I’ve been listening to all of them regularly … Sure, the songs are frothy and caked with Auto-tune -- which, understandably, might drive some listeners crazy … But the music also has a dreamy, whimsical quality that will suck me in every time. “The Saltwater Room” and any other song that features Breanne Düren only enhances the experience. And there’s no denying Adam Young has some creative chops -- even if his music sounds an awful lot like Postal Service.

Every time I hear “Fireflies,” it gives me just the kick I need to get through the next project. Like a Mountain Dew. Of which I had two cans today. I’m reverting back to my college tendencies. Maybe that comes with working in the college environment. I’m so bad.

Perhaps I’ve fallen so hard for the song because it reminds me of the plethora of fireflies that dance through our backyard every summer night. I’d never seen so many fireflies -- consistently -- in one place; I could sit on our deck for hours just to watch them flicker in every corner … And believe it or not, that -- of all the things -- is one of the things I will most about our little house.

The little things in life.

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Anonymous said...

I love fireflies, and we are fortunate to have a ton in the backyard of our house. If your next place in Maryville doesn't have them, we should have your family down for a late summer dinner on the deck so Phoebe can catch fireflies. :)