In the last three days, I’ve taken two walks with Phoebe. Just the two of us. No iPod in my ears. Just exploring our neighborhood, admiring the gardens and soaking in the sun. And clearing my head… I need to do a whole lot more of that.

Who flipped the switch on fall a month early this year? … It’s been a mild summer, after all. But this week we’ve had low 70s during the day and 40s over night – and lots of sun. I’m not complaining; I’m loving it, actually. It’s perfect.

After spending several days at home – alone -- with Phoebe during that last few weeks, I’m convinced being a toddler is the best age. (George Constanza once had an excellent take on why we should live our lives backwards …) The most stressful things Phoebe has to face every day are eating green beans and Cheerios, or figuring out how to arrange her blocks. She’s teaching me more and more about letting everything else go and just playing …

I'm still starting my work day at 5 a.m. every morning. As I get myself out of bed and start getting ready each morning, I think This has gotta end some time, right? Six months in, it still doesn't feel permanent.

After three years of watching and reading all the buzz, Kates and I have finally started watching AMC’s “Mad Men.” … I like it. Love the 1960s nostalgia and the take on society then compared to now. And I think Peggy is a fascinating character.

We purchased the new Ingrid Michaelson album last week. We love her music and we love the new album. We listened to it all weekend long ... It's tough to name a favorite -- because there's so many catchy and singable songs on the collection -- but Kates and I really enjoy Ingrid's achingly beautiful "The Chain." ... Even though just about every time we play it, Phoebe ruins it with her babbling or by playing one of her own musical toys.

I’m noticing more and more lately as I wake up in the morning and look at my bed-matted hair in the mirror – there’s a whole lot of gray in there. Part of me really likes it; part of me wants to groan.

Kates started her ninth year of teaching last week. Where have the years gone?

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